More then Vanilla Insurance

Many clients we speak to think all Final Expense coverage is the same. You pay a small affordable monthly premium and when you die they pay the full benefit to your beneficiary. BUT! Many of the best plans on the market come with additional benefits often at no cost. What are some of these added benefits?

First, and most popular is “double indemnity” also know as an Accidental Death Benefit. With this added benefit the Final Expense policy will pay double if you die in an accident. While accidental death is unlikely many of our clients feel an extra peace of mind that if it were to happen the family would receive additional funds. Second most popular are grand child riders included into the policy. With this added benefit you can cover some or all of your beloved grand children in your policy! The other value added benefit in almost all Final Expense plans is a “Living Benefit” Rider. With this benefit if you are diagnosed terminally ill you can access some or all if the coverage prior to death. This benefit can allow special family trips, funeral pre-planning or even medical care to prolong life.

Talk to us today and find out if your plan has these benefits! Or if you don’t have Final Expense coverage what plans we offer and want added benefits you’d want in your policy.