Trinity/Family Benefit Life

Tonight, we are going to highlight one of Loyal Insurance Group’s favorite Final Expense Companies. Trinity/Family Benefit Life is based in Oklahoma and depending on what state you find us in will either be “Trinity” or “Family Benefit Life.” When it comes to Life Insurance companies there can be regional name differences, but that’s free trivia! Honestly, the difference in name in this case has no effect at the consumer level just worth an explanation.

Trinity/Family Benefit is not a huge name brand company but specializes in Final Expense coverage, and has some of BEST customer service on the market. In addition to the feel of working with people that know you they are willing to accept many health conditions other companies will outright decline! Even better, at some of the lowest rates you will ever find.

When might we recommend Trinity/FBL to our clients? Diabetics, especially with diabetic complications, or another unique challenge they’ll take breast cancer survivors after only two years cancer free! Of coarse we can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted with Trinity/FBL but the only want to know is to contact us today!